Thursday, January 22, 2015

Splash Math Grade 2 Review

I was asked to review Splash Math by StudyPad, which is an app for your phone/tablet. This app helps kids in first through fifth grade practice their math skills. I tested out the second and fourth grade levels, as those are the grade levels of my kids.

My second grader loved the app! He asked to play it several times in the matter of just a few days. Of course, he's the one in the family who absolutely loves math. He wanted to try everything and explore the app as much as he could. The really neat thing about it was that I was able to go in as a parent as well to review the math problems and test my own knowledge. What I noticed was that everything listed in his grade level was linked to what he's been doing at school. This is a big plus in my book. It works to enrich what they are learning at school in a fun way. 

The fourth grader in my life was less enthusiastic, mainly because she really does not like math. However, she did seem to enjoy playing when she finally gave in and checked it out for me. Again, all of the math is on grade level and will only prove to enhance what the kids are learning in school. 

As I looked through the app myself, one of the things I really liked about it was that, while there was a wide variety of different types of math problems, it also worded the problems several ways. For example, instead of just saying, "What is 42 divided by 7," it listed four numbers and asks which one was divisible by 7. I think this is awesome because it allows the child to use critical thinking and apply their math skills. I am a firm believer in using more than one way to learn and this app helps with the visual, kinesthetic, and auditory learning methods. 

Overall, I was extremely pleased with the app and the interaction my children had with it. The only thing that would keep me for purchasing it is that it is $9.99. While it is beneficial for my children and provides a variety of games, the price is still a little high in my opinion. Of course, if I had started with the app when the kids were in 1st grade, knowing that I would be able to use it for five years, it might make me change my mind on purchasing it.

***** - Ease of use
***** - Fun
***** - Interactivity and educational value
*** - Price

Thank you StudyPad for allowing us to review this app; we really enjoyed it!

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