Tuesday, January 20, 2015

North Fork Taffy Review: January 2015

North Fork Taffy is a subscription box service that provides you with a monthly box of real, artisanal salt water taffy in a variety of flavors. Each month, you will receive six flavors.

North Fork started as a family affair and this is one company that actually uses salt in salt water taffy, which is sea salt harvested from their local water. It's real taffy - super soft and you will end up eating it from the wrapper like you would on a warm summer day on the boardwalk.

There is a LOT of taffy in this box! There was also a personalized, handwritten note. I love that touch and actually I already think so highly of North Fork Taffy. When I was considering contacting them, I reached out via email to ensure that there was no gelatin or anything non-vegetarian in their taffy. They were quick to reply and noted that they're big animal lovers and they don't include that. I like the fast reply, as well as the fact that they're considerate of that in their production.

I appear to have lost my photo of my first bag, which was Vanilla Bean. I only tried one piece of each flavor - for research purposes, of course - and Vanilla Bean was my first. It's the least exciting, I suppose, but definitely flavorful. And my goodness, it was soft! It reminded me so much of my summer vacations with my family in Maine.

We also received Cotton Candy, Buttered Rum, and White Chocolate Raspberry. I love that the Cotton Candy was swirled through with color, because it kept up my nostalgic beach memories. All three were quite tasty and also extremely soft.

My favorite two of the bunch, however, were the last two flavors. The Salted Caramel tasted like a fresh caramel from the stove and had that bite you get with real caramel and salt. It was melt-in-the-mouth good.

The best taffy is one that is already a favorite and it's so hard to find outside of the real taffy places on the beach. It was Peanut Butter Cup, consisting of chocolate taffy wrapped around a center of real peanut butter. I love this taffy flavor and can't get enough of it and I was so happy to see it included. I could seriously eat Peanut Butter Cup all day long!

I love that this is real salt water taffy and feels fresh even after delivery. I'm excited to see what flavors come next month!

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