Sunday, January 25, 2015

New England Sack: January 2015 (Celebration) Review

New England Sack is a subscription box that includes items from artisans in New England (often food-oriented) with a theme for each month. This month's theme was Celebration and the ingredients were definitely fitting.

Funny note: The box shipped almost 10 days before I received it from a town maybe an hour away from me. First, though, USPS had to send it two states away to come back to me. Go figure.

New England Sack actually comes in a sack! The lip scrub and lip balm (from Connecticut) was separate in the box, along with the wax-sealed note outlining the products and vendors.

The other Connecticut item (this month was CT and Maine) was a chili mix, including a spice pack and beans. I'm not much of a chili eater, although I could certainly try to make some, and it's a fitting item for January and celebration. One, it's warm for the unbelievably cold winter of January and two, it's good for Patriots playoff games and now the Super Bowl. The recipe calls for beef and sausage, but it's easily substituted with any vegetarian protein, so I like that. I worry about getting bacon or something in one of the sacks, but I'm sure plenty of family members would take it off my hands!

One of the Maine items is something I probably won't use - a Bloody Mary mix. I just don't like the taste of Bloody Mary drinks, but I can gift this to someone and I love that it's a somewhat local and handmade mix. I also love the retro coasters, and both items definitely go with the Celebration theme very well. I'm not sure if I will keep or gift the coasters, but only because they're so cute that I feel like they'd make a great gift. I'm definitely considering keeping them, though.

Finally, the last item is super exciting for us. It's a cornbread mix and we both love cornbread. I suppose this is an odd mix for New England, since you certainly don't think of cornbread and chili when you think of this area. However, I like that it's not just maple syrup and cranberries. Sure, I love those things, but I do like that this was a surprise.

I'm beyond excited for next month, because it's Connecticut breakfast. You don't even know how much I love breakfast! :)

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