Sunday, January 18, 2015

Farmivore Review: January 18

Farmivore is a juicing subscription service. Each week (unless you opt to skip a week), they send you four bags of fresh produce for juicing. You can choose from two recipes with four servings each of green juices or four recipes with two servings each of two green juices, as well as two orange and red drinks. They do have a fairly limited subscription area, including NY, CT, PA, MA, and surrounding areas so make sure they cover your zip code.

A big bag of produce ready to go in my brand new juicer!
The process was really easy for mixing this juice (this was one of four, but it was my favorite). The sweet potato needed peeling, I did a quick trim of celery stalks, and then I peeled the lemon and oranges. That was all (besides washing, obviously) and I was ready to make some juice.

This took maybe ten minutes to make and it was wonderful! My husband thought he could taste too much carrot, although I didn't notice. Of course I like carrots, so that might be the reason.

I'm not sure I would order this every week, but I certainly think once a month or so would be great. Especially if you're looking to do a juice cleanse.

As far as the other juices, one included beet and I'm not sure how I feel about that now that I've tried it. For one, I didn't peel the lemon, trying to be brave, but that was a mistake. It was way too tart and I didn't end up drinking it. I did like the one with kale and ginger, but not nearly as much as this one. I know most people love green juices, but I wish there was a subscription option for just orange and red juices - or even a fruit-based one, as I tend to like fruity juices more than veggie-based. Still, it encouraged me to replace my broken blender with a juicer and I had a lot of fun making and trying these. In the future, I will just leave out the produce that isn't for me.

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