Thursday, January 15, 2015

Petit Vour Review: December 2014

Petit Vour is a beauty subscription, which isn't normally my thing. However, they only use cruelty free and vegan products, something I love, so this is one I feel passionate about subscribing to if only to support these companies.

This is the December 2014 box. I love the box itself because it's bright pink and easy to find! I also like that it's small enough to store, while big enough to hold samples.

There were four samples in the box this month. The first was nail polish. As I mentioned, I bite my nails so nail polish has little use for me, although I usually have a bottle or two on hand for when I'm trying. :) I love this shade, so although nail polish is probably likely to sit in the box for a while, this is one I would wear.

The box also included a toner, which I haven't tried yet and a powder blush I also haven't tried. It's a nice color, though, so I will certainly try it eventually.

Finally, there was lavender deodorant cream. This works like any deodorant, except it's a cream you rub on rather than in a stick or gel. I really like the scent, too, and it looks like this will last a while.

Although nothing in the box really "wowed" me, I really do love supporting companies that make vegan products and I will be continuing this subscription.

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