Sunday, January 25, 2015

FabFitFun VIP Review: Winter 2014/2015

FabFitFun VIP is another subscription like PopSugar Must Have that just makes too much sense to have, even if you end up not loving the items included. The value far exceeds what you pay and I kind of have no idea how they do it. In addition, the customer service at FabFitFun VIP is really amazing, while PSMH has some issues.

This is a quarterly subscription box, which makes the value even higher as there's more time to put together a really great collection. As the name suggests, the items are lifestyle items for women that are fab, fit, and fun!

The total value came in at just under $400. As I've noted before, value isn't always as important to me as what I will actually use, but it's hard to deny that this is an awesome deal!

This box was loaded with stuff! There were three gift card items. One item was a $25 card for (which came with a Zumba workout DVD as well worth $30). I bought myself a reusable water bottle and some socks, although I debated buying some other items. The store was very reasonably priced and there are tons of cute things. I've just been eyeing a water bottle and I always want socks, so it made sense.

There was also a three month subscription for Salted, which is a really awesome video service for cooking. They have a bunch of videos teaching you skills in the kitchen from beginner to advanced, as well as streaming recipe preparation videos. My husband and I are going to try a few of these this weekend!

The last gift card was for an incredibly interesting site. The Fashion Project gathers designer brand clothes, shoes, and accessories from people looking to declutter and sells them for far below tag price. A portion of the proceeds goes to charity. When you search the site, you see the item, how worn it is, the size and any other details, and which charity the donor selected to be funded by the sale. These range from cancer research programs to animal shelter and family services to suicide prevention. The gift card was for $30 and there were tons of items I could have picked up, but I think I'm going to wait a bit. I didn't really love any of the items and the card is good through May. I figure there may be something I feel more than lukewarm about in the future, or something I like will be donating to one of the charities at the top of my list. I really like the site and what they're doing, and I appreciate having it brought to my attention by FabFitFun!

For beauty products, there was a full size jar of Juice Beauty apple peel, as well as a tub of Lather AHA hand creme. They also included a bottle of Tibetan anti-aging serum from Passport to Beauty. I'm not looking for anti-aging serums, but this little bottle has a value of $88! Someone will definitely be getting this as a gift. Finally, I received two eye shadows from yourMinerals, one in silver and the other in a plum shade. I love these and will definitely use them.

There was a jewelry item and household item in the box. I love the candle - a Daniel Stone COCO candle made of sustainable coconut oil (this is worth $42... that's a pretty fancy candle!). It smells amazing (gardenia scent) and I love getting candles.

Although I love the idea behind the necklace, a Half United Fighting Hunger necklace, I kind of hate the necklace itself. Half of the profits from sales of these go to feeding hungry children, which is amazing, but the necklace is made from recycled bullet casings. The idea is to remind us that we must fight hunger, but I don't want to wear bullet casings.

For food, there were three sponsored sample items. One was a packet of Justin's almond butter. I haven't tried this yet, but I hear it is awesome. I'll probably sample it in the next few days. We also got a Special K bar, which isn't exciting but will definitely be eaten within the week. The last item was a milk protein shake from Organic Valley. Because I was late in signing up for this box, my shake was expired by almost three weeks. This is only worth $3 and I'm not that upset about it being expired since I was late on the signup. I know, though, to get my orders in on time in the future! There may still be winter boxes left, but you can basically assume the milk protein shake is expired, I guess.

Because I already knew about the items in this box, it was not all that exciting. However, the value is great if only for the two gift cards that I already made use of! I recommend this box for sure.

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