Thursday, January 8, 2015

Conscious Box: Vegan Plus Review

Conscious Box was one of the first boxes I signed up for, but this is also going to be one of the first I cancel and it's my first negative review. I want to like this box, I really do. I want this company to do well, but the customer service seems nonexistent, the site seems easy to navigate but doesn't make a great deal of sense, and the boxes... well, they're not so great anymore. In theory, this should work, because who doesn't love a variety of products that are eco-friendly, healthy, and usually from companies with integrity? The problem is that the box was basically full of nothing. It was literally full of filler - that little rabbit-food looking paper that people put in gift baskets. Other than that, it included a few postcards encouraging me to buy the full size products and a bunch of samples. Does this look worth $20?

Another problem is that the site tells you what's coming, but the box doesn't match the list on the site. I was supposed to get some fairly interesting things, but they weren't in the box. I did receive some kind of formula for babies, although I don't have kids and the people I know who do don't have babies or aren't interested in these kinds of products. I also got an anti-aging lotion, which seems odd. I mean, I'm in my 30's, but my skin is pretty much fine. There's no place to really address your preferences or interests. Nearly every other box these days seems to have some customization, and the few that don't are usually high quality items even if you're not into them so they're at least worth what you paid.

I took a picture of the only two normal sized items in the box - a snack size bag of chips and a can of soda (both of which were really good, but still). So basically this box costs $20 for a bag of chips, a can of soda, a teabag, and a few samples. That just seems so far from value that I can't help but mention it. I canceled this box before but tried again. However, unless I see some reviews that show Conscious Box is really listening to customers and is changing its approach, I can't possibly recommend this and I've canceled my subscription.

These just aren't tasty enough for $20!

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