Friday, January 30, 2015

FitSnack Review: January 2015

FitSnack is a new subscription box for people trying to integrate fitness into their snacking or snacking into their fitness plan! These snacks are not just healthy, but are balanced for wellness. FitSnack uses only items that fit their standards, which they call "The Perfect 10." This means items meet ten criteria - high in protein, full of complex carbohydrates, low in sugar, GMO- and gluten-free, organic, sustainable, clean, and suitable for Paleo and raw food diets. Not every snack will be able to hit all ten, of course, but the idea is that the box is balanced to cover them all. 

We were sent a box to review from FitSnack (and you can enter to win your own here!). You can also use our specific link and, as a thanks to you, you will get an awesome jute bag free with your order (photo of bag featured at end of post)!

At the top of the box was a workout tank top customized for FitSnack. Then, under that, was a box full of snacks and wrapped in shiny paper. First of all, there was a lot in this box! I was impressed by how much they fit in here, and I also noticed that the sample sizes were generally large as well.

The first items I saw were the Simply 7 chips. We were sent Lentil and Quinoa chips. I admit I haven't tried these yet. I'm not the savory snacker, so these are on my husband, and he's playing catch-up on all the healthy chip alternatives I keep giving him to try! There was also a bag of FitSnack's own Veggie Chips.

In keeping with the savory snacks, FitSnack included their own brand of almond and pumpkin seed mix. This is so yummy! I love that it's also healthy and without additives.

Other items featured in the box were a portable portion of coconut oil, which has so many health benefits, such as boosting metabolism, lowering cholesterol, and improving immune function. We also received a pancake mix and a mini bag of Somersault cinnamon snacks (Somersaults are showing up in a lot of these boxes, and rightfully so, because they're extremely tasty!)

The box just kept going, though! There were two protein powder packs from Nogii, one in vanilla and the other in chocolate. In addition, there was a bag of protein cookie bites from Kays Naturals. Although I wouldn't necessarily choose these over fattening cookies, they're certainly a great way to "trick" you into eating high amounts of protein and fiber. I mean, they're chocolate cookies! Cookies that are also good for you? Impossible! :)

All of these items made up a great box, well worth the value of the subscription. But then there were the two products from The Protein Bakery. These alone would be worth a subscription. Again, how can food that tastes this good be healthy? I feel like I'm being tricked, because it's awesome! We received cranberry oatmeal cookies and a peanut butter Blondie. Both were not only tasty, but hearty and moist and filling.

This is a wonderful subscription to help you eat better, while also eating foods that don't taste like you're eating well or on a diet. I love the variety of chips, sweet treats, and trail mix, because they're covering all their bases and giving you alternatives that won't make keeping your resolutions so hard after all.

I definitely encourage you to check out FitSnack. I am looking into a subscription myself (and I am definitely looking into more Protein Bakery snacks!). Again, you can use our specific link and you'll get this jute snack as a special gift with your order!

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