Thursday, January 15, 2015

KarePax Review/Preview

KarePax is a brand new subscription box service that is actually officially kicking off in March. They were kind enough to send us an early preview box for review and I went ahead and signed up for three months after sampling!

The whole concept of KarePax is perfect for me and my husband, and it's really a niche that hasn't been tapped yet. Each month, they send a combination of two or three independent comic books with a unique mix of snacks, including 11-13 full size snacks and a handful of penny candy. The snacks combine regional, international, and retro snack items. They're also really happy to work with customers, so if comics aren't your thing and you want even more food, or if you want something sort of geeky and comics-related but don't want to read new comics, they'll be flexible (but seriously, there are so few comic book stores left and the indie comics market needs us, guys).

 The box itself was huge and it was FULL! It's hard to tell in the picture, but there was so much stuff in here that it took a while just to go through it all.

The phone took a blurry photo because it was so amazed by how much was in this box.

My three comics haven't been read yet, but I'm familiar with Cow and Chicken. I don't know anything about the others, but they were both issue #1, which is perfect. I love that because I am open to reading new comics and where better to start than new stories with the first issue? They will also be sending out subscriber surveys to customize what you get, based on age appropriateness, interests, what you already have, etc.

Now on to the snacks. Of course, because we don't eat gelatin and nearly everyone else does, we couldn't eat half the bigger snacks, but it's okay. KarePax was not only responsive when I noted we would prefer to leave out gelatin, but they also added a question to their form for others who prefer not eat it! (This is great not only for vegetarians, but for those who stick to a Kosher or Halal diet, too.)

I bet these are good. I wish they were nut, gluten, fat, AND gelatin free. :(
We couldn't eat the Sunkist gummies, the Greek yogurt chews, the Hi-Chew (which I hear are very tasty), and several of the smaller items. We will pass them along to friends, save them for a giveaway, or pass them out at work.

On the other hand, we could eat all the hazelnut-related items, and I love hazelnut! I also loved that the items came from all over, including Taiwan, Indonesia, and Austria. The Dutch Wafer Rolls are pretty simple, but they're hazelnut and chocolate, so that's a good thing. My husband hasn't tried the hot chili pepper and lime tortilla chips yet, but he's excited to try them.
Of the bigger items, we still had a decent haul - and that's without other items with gelatin. The Hanuta hazelnut wafers were awesome, as was the Dorino hazelnut bar. We haven't eaten the Luna Fiber bar and S'mores bar yet. I always like Luna bars (although it felt funny to find one amid all the snacks!).

We had to sign up for this, because the variety of snacks is great and it's a nice perk to go with indie comics. I like the international spread of the snacks, as well as the mix between candy and other snacks. I also like that it's fairly easy to store and save for later and all the items can be brought to work as snacks (or for a treat in the car).

Finally, customer service is pretty important to me. Although some people think that a smaller company can manage customers better than a large company, I'm not sure it's not really the same - less people to manage, but also more to manage as a whole (for a small company) versus a large customer base but a dedicated customer support team (big company). KarePax is not only responsive, they also reply quickly, are truly interested in feedback, and really do want to make your box the best for you personally (they even ask if you have children or if the subscriber is a child in order to ensure your comics are appropriate for anyone under 14 if so). For me, what I love about subscription boxes is that I am shopping through actual people, and usually getting products I wouldn't get on Amazon or at the store nearby. If I wanted customer service that was automated and impersonal, Amazon is more affordable. I'm paying for that extra connection and customization, and the quality of service I have seen with KarePax was really one of the major deciding factors in signing up.

Sign up now and save $10 on any long-term subscription! Just use code "KPXRV459."

I love Mallo Cups and they're nearly impossible to find! 

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