Thursday, January 22, 2015

Kiwi Crate Glow Worm Review by Little Miss Crafty and Son

This month I took advantage of the free KiwiCrate Glow Worm crate. I debated about it for a while, just because my son is in between the two age ranges and I wasn't sure which one to go with. However, Boxy provided a little encouragement and said we should give it a shot so I did.

The package arrived and we set a date to make our glow worm this morning. I loved the box it arrived it. So cute! One of the older kids said it looks like a lunch box. Inside this cute box was more fun than one mom and three-year-old could have in a morning.

The crate came with all of the supplies needed to make the glow worm, including directions, a little comic book of sorts about glowing animals, and more activities.  

We started out our project this morning by stuffing the glow-in-the-dark sock. It was a pretty funny experience, because for some reason, my son has a deep love of stuffing. (Which is used a lot around here for other craft projects.) He was able to stuff the sock himself but I did hold it open just to make it a little easier on him. I think he may have been fine all alone.

I had made sure I "charged" the sock last night so that when we tested the project in the dark, it would work. I was a little skeptical because, in my experience, most things that say they are glow-in-the-dark really don't glow very well in the dark. I was amazed, though, when I took it into our powder room, where it is completely dark if you shut the door. That sock really did glow, and quite well.

After it was all stuffed, we slipped the rubber bands around him to give him his wormy shape, and then my little one was ready to attach the eyes. He was so excited they were googlie eyes. We put the eyes on and he decorated it with the felt circles that came in the pack. I love that the circles and the eyes had their own adhesive on them so there was no messy glue to play around with.

We took our worm to the powder room to test it out and my son was so excited that his worm he made was now glowing! The last step was to name the worm and attach the name tag that came in the kit. This little worm is named Choo Choo.

It may be hard to see but this is little Choo Choo glowing it up in the powder room. After were done with everything, I kept "losing" my son so he could make his worm glow! 

We did do another one of the projects that came in the kit, but this one required more parental involvement. You had to cut along the lines and honestly most three-year-olds just don't have that skill down pat yet. 

This is the firefly, which was an extra activity. It had two glow sticks, one of which was for this project so you could also make your firefly glow. Our firefly didn't get a name today but both creations made it in the bedroom to spend the night with my son. That is always a sign that he really likes something.

I am really glad I signed up for this trial and I will be adding this to our monthly list of subscriptions very shortly. It is nice to have something to do with my son during the day besides watching TV. I also really liked that the booklet had even more things to learn about glowing animals, as well as additional activities you could do. We will space those out this week and next and use that as our time together during the days when the bigger kids are off at school. Thank you KiwiCrate - this was awesome!

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  1. We did ours today and had lots of fun. I was amazed at how much stuff it had you could do, the cute poem, the activities and stories. Highly recommend!