Thursday, January 29, 2015

Honest Company Essentials Bundle Review: January 2015

I was hooked on Honest Company after trying the sample box. I love that they carry basically everything you could need for cleaning, as well as personal care, all in one place. Their items are environmentally friendly, safe, and cruelty-free. The Essentials Bundle allows you to add items each month and the total cost is about the same as buying products at the grocery store (at least in this area). This is my first box of full-size products; I have different items coming next month, which is another thing I love - you can mix and match as you need things.

This month, I selected a variety of cleaning products and a couple personal care items. I have never been so excited to receive chores in a box! Everything was well packed and secure. We got both dish soap and dishwasher gel. It was perfect timing, as we had just run out of dishwasher soap. The dish soap is in white grapefruit scent, but it's very subtle and it leaves your hands soft.

Speaking of soap, we also selected foaming hand soap in mandarin (they have a few scents and I plan to try them all). We also got a spray bottle of deodorant, which is unisex. It's also subtly scented and is a nonaerosol spray.

The biggest item in our box was laundry detergent. We recently refilled our detergent, but there's nothing more annoying than running out suddenly!

We also got full-size bottles of floor cleaner and bathroom cleaner, as well as toilet cleaner. As I said, Honest Company really has it all and it's nice to get it all at once. You can choose to get your box with more time in between shipments or skip shipments. With the mix and match nature, though, I plan to alternate months for certain items. While I may not review each box (especially when it's the same items), I will review when I get different things in the bundle!

The only negative in this month's box was that my vanilla lavender pump was defective and wouldn't stay together. The spray smells amazing and I called to see about getting a new pump. Honest Company was apologetic and actually sent me a whole new bottle! So once I run out of one, I can use the pump in the defective one (I managed to spray it all over myself trying to fix it!). I love the smell - it's very sweet, not that strange sort of floral smell you might expect. They have other scents and I can't wait to try them, too.

As a special gift, Honest Company included their winter cookie mix. This is for sugar cookies and came in a little bag with a thank you note/recipe and a snowflake cookie cutter. It's so nice that they included something like this.

By the way, you can also get vitamins and supplements, candles, and baby products/diapers from Honest Company. It's definitely worth it and I'm going to get almost all my cleaning supplies here moving forward.

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