Saturday, January 17, 2015

Phone Case of the Month Review: January 2015

Phone Case of the Month is exactly what it sounds like: a monthly subscription that sends you exclusive designs for phone cases. Everyone's cases vary and it's also based on your phone type. I still have an old iPhone 4, so I don't know what that means as far as cases, but this one is adorable!

The case came with a little bag for it, a quote with this month's hashtag (#DayDream Believer), and a Free Hugs sticker. The case is top quality and it's cute and definitely fits my personality and style. It went onto my phone immediately.

I don't know how many cases I will end up needing or wanting, but Phone Case of the Month makes it really easy to pause and cancel your subscription, which I like. I definitely want to see what comes for a while, although I do like that I can pause it if I feel like I have too many cases.

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