Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Candy Club Review - January 2015

Oh, where to start? I have succumbed to the ultimate temptation and signed up for Candy Club. It's definitely a more expensive box considering it's candy, but they send you a ton! I sort of wish you could choose quarterly or something, because this is a LOT of candy! (And it's good candy.)

The box is giant!

Each box comes with three "jars" of candy, a bonus item, and what they call a "splash" (basically a candy scattered throughout the box). The bonus item in this box was a pack of Butterfields hard peach candy. It's so good, people. It doesn't actually taste like a peach, I guess, but it tastes like the peach flavor we all seem to associate with a peach. And the flavor is quite strong, but in a good way.

It's good these aren't chewy, as they would be eaten much faster.
The splash candy was cotton candy flavored salt water taffy and I can't stop eating it! I moved the box far away because I honestly would have just eaten all the taffy at once. It's that good.

Try stopping. You won't be able to, I swear.
For the three "jars," the first one disappointed me. It's a big jar of Haribo Tecmo Gummi Bears, which are, I guess, sour gummi bears. I can't eat Haribo because of the gelatin. That's probably my negative feedback for Candy Club. I would like to see what a lot of other boxes have, where you can identify dietary restrictions or certain foods you can't eat. I think everyone gets the same box, so you're kind of out of luck in this case, but you also don't get to review the candies after trying them to track your preferences, either. Some of the food and makeup boxes don't let you select up front, but they still do track what you thought of items for later boxes and I don't know how I feel about spending more than $20 a month on candy when I'm getting at least one item I won't be able to eat (not that I will run out by any means. After a few months, I will be able to start a candy store if I keep up). Anyway, that made me sad, but I'm sure I can find someone who likes Gummi Bears (the husband is also a vegetarian).

Glowing Gummi Bears taunt me from the jar.
Fortunately, I could try the next jar, which was Sour Power Wild Cherry Belts. I took a big old bite of the belt - and was midchew when my husband started laughing. They aren't kidding about the sour power! I like these a lot, but prepare to have your taste buds assaulted!

They look so innocent. :/
Finally, there were Gimbal's Sour Gourmet Jelly Beans. (Sour was a theme, I see). I wouldn't say these are all that sour, but they're seriously some of the best jelly beans I've ever tried. How do they taste so good? Usually jelly beans have a muted flavor so maybe that's the sourness? Either way, they're incredibly flavorful and tasty.

Guess how many? No, never mind. There's less now anyway. ;)
I am not sure about getting this box every month only because I know it's going to take me forever just to finish this box and I couldn't eat a large part of it. I think I'm going to do one more month and then see about pausing my subscription until late spring, but then again, who knows? I like that there is a variety and this could easily be integrated into a gift, since each jar is sealed and presented very nicely. Down the line, we may also do a giveaway, so we'll see. I just think this is one where it's a little too much each month unless you have a large family or work with a lot of people who enjoy candy!

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