Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Try the World Venice and Paris Box Reviews (Buyer Beware)

I was so excited to sign up for Try the World. They seemed amazing - a box of snacks and treats from cool locations around the globe? Awesome! So right after Christmas, they had a deal where you could sign up and get the Paris Box and a gift card. I signed up - and never heard a thing. A few days later, I followed up and they confirmed that they'd received my order and the Paris Box would go out soon, and that I was scheduled to receive their upcoming Venice Box.

This post has no pictures, because Try the World SENT ME NOTHING. They charged me and sent me an electronic gift card code with little use since I can't even get a response via email in less than a week. Eventually I got an email saying there was a shipping delay and that the box would go out at the end of January.

So suffice it to say I was surprised when blogs starting posting reviews of the Venice Box - ones they received free for review. I mean, I had PAID $40 for this box and hadn't received anything except confusing emails and excuses for delay. So I contacted Try the World again. No response. I tried a few days later. Still nothing.

Finally I received a vague response saying my Paris Box must not have gone out and that they didn't know that I wanted the Venice Box (I mean, you would think a subscriber would want the current subscription, right? Apparently not). They talked in a circle yet never once apologized, and they still didn't answer my question. I logged in, saw nothing had been shipped and my account couldn't be canceled by me, and so I contacted them again. I decided it just wasn't worth it anymore.

They canceled my account after another week of not replying, so I guess I won't be trying the world or this subscription. They also disabled the gift card, which was all I received from them after paying. I'd be impressed if they lasted until fall with this kind of organization and customer service. Good luck if you try them (although apparently they'll be happy to send you a free box if you have enough Twitter followers - with the money that the rest of us paid for an empty mailbox).

I would encourage you to avoid this subscription. Ideally I will see a refund, but regardless, they clearly don't want customers if this is how they treat people who are excited to pay them.

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