Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Eco Emi Holiday Box Review

When I signed up for Eco Emi, the Holiday Box was sent as a bonus. I have a few more things coming from Eco Emi shortly and I am so excited. I absolutely loved this box! This is a great subscription for me, because the products are all eco-friendly and it's a nice blend of snacks and beauty products, with a few extras. The value on this box is really high for the cost, too, at least for me, because I feel like I'm getting a lot for what I'm paying.

I took everything out before looking at anything. At the bottom of the box was this adorable hedgehog holiday card, with a coupon for 20% off anything at the store as well. I don't send cards, but I love this card and I'm sure this coupon can be gifted to someone who does.

I also received a Christmas tree cookie cutter, a pencil made from recycled newspapers, and a vegan chocolate almond candy bar from Sjaaks (it's actually the "Melk Chocolate"). I'm probably going to put the pencil and cookie cutter into a selection for a giveaway, although if I end up not doing that, I can definitely use them. I just think they'll make nice little extras. The chocolate is already gone. :) It was DELICIOUS! I'm not vegan, but I do like vegan products when I find good ones and this is definitely awesome.

Also included was a sample mix for cold brewed coffee, which is nice, because I love iced coffee. There was a sweet potato wellness vegan cookie. This was also delicious - not dry at all, which can sometimes happen with vegan cookies. It had cranberries in it, too - always a win for me!

The last few items were great! A sampler pack of dark chocolate cinnamon cocoa mix, Kitsune Tea dark drinking chocolate (it's cocoa you actually make, rather than a cocoa packet and I can't wait to try this!), St. Claire's Organics peppermints, and an herbal decongestant rub. I know we will make use of the decongestant this winter and I love that it's all natural. The peppermints have the flavor of Altoids - strong and powerful - but they're crumbly in texture. Definitely awesome.

This was a great box and I'm so excited for the rest of the boxes coming from EcoEmi!

The holiday box is currently 20% off while supplies last.

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