Sunday, January 18, 2015

Blue Box Balm Review (Geek Inspired Lip Balms and Perfume)

Blue Box Balm doesn't have a subscription service, but I found them on Facebook and they were having a sale. In the spirit of geekiness, I had to check out the perfumes and lip balms all inspired by Doctor Who (with some Sherlock love as well). 

I will admit outright that I totally chose my flavors and scents based not on the actual flavor or scent, but their name/connection. So keep that in mind when they're a little all over the place!

My first Geek Scent was "Exterminate," which is Pesky Pear. I wasn't sure how pear would smell, but how could I resist a Dalek perfume? This is actually more of a spicy scent than fruity and I loved it! It's potent, causing my husband to remark on how strong it was from across the room, but not in a bad way. That's actually good, too, because it means you need even less. All of the scents are on sale right now, so I definitely suggest snagging a few of these!

My other scent was Strax-inspired. I love that potato man! :) This is called "Sontar Ha," and the smell is Musky Sontaran. I am not sure what that means exactly, but it's more subtle than the Pesky Pear.

These are certainly geeky perfumes, but would make an awesome stocking stuffer for a Whovian. Plus they're handmade and they are well worth the price. I am looking forward to trying more scents in the future for sure!

As far as the lip balm, I could have bought them all, but that would have been excessive. I forced myself to limit the order, although I still have enough Whovian lip balm to last all year!

My first flavor was "Timey Wimey," inspired by Sally Sparrow. It was a mix of rose and passionfruit, which wasn't my favorite flavor out of the bunch. I don't really like floral perfumes, soaps, or lip balms, so that was more on me. I bought it, though, because I love the name.

Each stick comes wrapped individually and sealed, with a small card explaining the name and inspiration, as well as why the flavor is what it is. In this case, Sally was passionate and strong, like passionfruit and rose (is that a double entendre for Rose Tyler as well?)

"Silence will Fall" was a mystery scent (it was Souffle Girl for me), because after the Silence appears, who can remember things like lip balm scents? I loved this little card, because it had the little tally scratches on it. Clearly Blue Box Balm is for fans and everything is well thought out and planned/themed. This was a really subtle flavor. All the balms roll on smoothly and are effective as well.

My favorite of the balms, and the last Whovian one I ordered, was "Mr. Pond." It's a Sangria flavor, in celebration of Amy and Rory's wedding. I know it's been a while, but I so miss Amy and Rory. He was one of my favorite characters not just from Doctor Who, but in general. Don't get me wrong - I love all the Doctors, but Rory was just great. Admit it - you miss him, too. (Although you can catch him on Broadchurch when it ever starts again here in the States.)

Finally, I ordered "221B," a nod to Sherlock. The flavor here was coffee and sugar and it's a perfect lip balm flavor. The reasoning? "Because Sherlock takes his coffee black, with two sugars." I could wait to use this for quite some time and would probably still be done with it before the show comes back, of course. :/

I was sent a sample as well of "Allons-y." This is a lip balm in French vanilla. It's probably the most tame and accessible for non-Whovians, plus you have to love the name!

I highly recommend checking out Blue Box Balm! You can find them through the Etsy shop, as well as on Facebook and Twitter. You can also get Torchwood items here.

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