Thursday, January 22, 2015

Nature Box Review: January 2015

I had originally tried Nature Box when it was free, but when I reviewed their site, I just didn't think I would like it enough to justify a subscription. Then the sampler box came and I was proven wrong. Nature Box sends you five resealable snacks a month, and you can either let them surprise you entirely or pull from a pantry you put together of things that interest you or you've liked in the past. 

My husband was a huge fan of the jalapeno cashews, so we ordered a bag of those and the cranberry medley that I had liked. The other three snacks were a surprise.

These jalapeno cashews are basically perfect. Spicy without being so strong they almost lose their flavor. What's great is that there really isn't anything else to them - just cashews with some spices. Of course, they're filling because they're cashews and this bag won't last a week, never mind a month!

I love the cranberry medley, because it's like candy that's made from something natural. It's super sweet, so if you don't like that, this may not be the snack for you, but it's definitely tasty!

For the three new snacks, we received sticks and stones, which is a mix of nuts and sesame sticks. I would love to add the cranberries to this to make a full trail mix, because I like the snack, but it would be even better with something more potent mixed in, flavor-wise.

We also received a bag of cinnamon almonds, which has just enough cinnamon to be something more than plain almonds (not that it would be a thing, of course), but without being overly much.

Finally, our last bag was awesome - a full bag of Cheddar and Asiago crisps. Since we just had a small sampling of basically the same thing from Nibblr, we were very excited to see this. My husband used to find these near his old job, but we're nowhere near there anymore and we will add this one frequently!

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