Thursday, January 22, 2015

Mixcups Review: January 2015

I'm the only person in my house who drinks coffee, which makes it somewhat tough to buy and drink a variety of new coffees. So I use the Keurig because it gives me a chance to sample lots of brands and flavors without committing to a bag that no one else will touch.

Mixcups is a provider of small brand coffee K-cups. They have two basic subscription plans - 10 cups a month (mini) or the regular box of 30. Both include ten flavors, but the regular box includes three cups of each, so you essentially get a cup of coffee a day. For some people, that is nowhere near enough, but it's perfect for me. There are also create your own options and more filtered choices like sweet or decaf or bold, etc. The monthly mix has three options - coffee mix, coffee (nonflavored only), and tea. I'm not a big flavored coffee drinker, but I like trying it once in a while. In fact, last month's Vanilla Skyline by Brooklyn Bean was amazing!

If you use the newer Keurig, there's apparently a system in place now that makes only Keurig-approved K-cups work in the machine. I hear there are plenty of tricks to get around it, but Mixcups does warn you that your machine may not accept these brands.

I haven't tried any of the coffees yet, but I just upgraded from the mini to full mix because I've liked the variety. You always get something light, something medium, and something dark, as well as a variety of flavors. I like that the worst that happens is you hate a flavor and you only end up with two cups, rather than buying a box and being disappointed.

Many of these brands have been in my other boxes, so I am excited about the mix. You can go to Mixcups and almost all the coffee in the mixes is sold in their store, either as individual servings for a create your own mix, or you can order a full box of any flavor you liked from your sampler.

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