Saturday, January 17, 2015

Little Miss Crafty talks about Little Passports

When Little Miss Boxy first started telling me about subscription boxes, I did a little research myself. The first company actually that I stumbled upon was Little Passports. Little Passports is a subscription company that helps your children learn about the US, as well as other countries, in a monthly, six-month, or twelve-month format.

One of the things that stood out to me were the options that Little Passports offers. As a mom of three children, whose ages vary from three to nine, I sometimes struggle to decide which option to pick for other subscription boxes. Little Passports offers three different boxes you can choose from!

One of the options is the Early Explorers box, which is recommended for 3-5 year-olds. This is awesome because my three-year-old is always trying to get in on the adventures of the older two kids. Giving him something for him would be great!

Another option is the World Edition box; this box is for ages 5-10. This one would be perfect for the older two kids in my life.

What originally drew me to Little Passports is that my older children are always talking about geography, traveling, and other countries. They also try to outsmart each other on US State facts. This led me to look at the USA Edition box for kids 7-12.  This box is the one I am leaning towards for the kids at least to start out with. I am all about having them receive something in the mail that will not only educate them but also take them on an adventure.

Here is what you get with your first box with the USA Edition:

USA Field Guide
USA Scratch Book
Wall-sized USA Map
A Welcome letter from new pen pals Sam & Sofia
Disposable Camera and Photo Scavenger Hunt project

Then each following month, you get:
32-page activity-packed State Journal
Stickers and postcards
Pop-Out Models
Access to more information and activities online.

The Early Explorers and the World Edition both come with a sturdy travel case during the first month, which I have been told by friends really is pretty great!

I am planning on signing the kids up for this subscription. I am just trying to figure out which one I want because honestly I want them ALL! I am also trying to recover from the holidays, so hopefully in the next month or so I will be signing them up. In the meantime, I will be placing an order for the World Coin Collection because the middle kiddie in our house LOVES coins and has a birthday coming up in a couple of weeks.

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