Sunday, January 11, 2015

The Cravory Taster Box Review (January)

I have to admit that I love cookies. A lot. So naturally subscribing to The Cravory's Teaser Box made sense, but I spent a long time debating this with myself. Could any cookie really be worth what amounted to more than $2 a piece? Still, I figured I had to try.

Note: As a vegetarian, I was a little concerned that one of their signature flavors includes bacon. However, I contacted them and they were quick to note on my account not to send us any recipes including bacon. I appreciate that kind of customer service. 

The cookies are made fresh in San Diego and then packaged and shipped to wherever you are. It took two days and they arrived on what's been the coldest day this winter so far. After sitting on my porch for the better part of the day in temperatures well below zero, I was worried that I wouldn't get the full experience from these cookies. Not to fear - they still tasted great!

With the taster box, you get one of each flavor of the month. This month's flavors were Walnut Winter, Coco for Lime, PB Smoreo, Bourbon & Chocolate, Hot Cocoa, and Toffee Chocolate Bar.

I should note that my husband and I both enjoy eating, so we figured we would consume six cookies quite fast. However, a couple days later, we still have more than half of several of these and we only finished one. They may not appear giant, but they're very thick and super heavy. You are definitely getting a full cookie with each.

We've now tried all six flavors, so here are our thoughts on them.

Bourbon & Chocolate was up first. This is a basically a chocolate chip cookie, except the dough is loaded with bourbon. This wasn't a bad cookie, but we were both a little disappointed, because it was a cookie. Nothing new was happening and although some people prefer the comfortable flavors they know, we knew we were looking for something more adventurous. So we gave this a pass - it was acceptable, but not really exciting.

Toffee Chocolate Bar is a shortbread cookie dipped in chocolate and covered with toffee pieces. This was amazing! I love shortbread cookies, but accept that they're usually a little dry. Somehow this cookie tastes like shortbread but was moist and full of flavor. Obviously the chocolate and toffee were a nice bonus, but it was the shortbread itself that really sold me on this one. My husband also loved this one and we still have some left.

Hot Cocoa was a chocolate cookie with a marshmallow brulee center. Very soft and chewy, although this was another good cookie. Not that a good cookie is ever a bad thing, but it wasn't our favorite of the batch.

We had saved PB Smoreo for last, because a peanut butter cookie with Oreos, chocolate, and marshmallows sounded amazing. It was very good - again loaded with flavor and not dry (common with peanut butter cookies).

However, the shortbread cookie was the only cookie that really stood out as new and amazing - but then there were Walnut Winter and Coco for Lime. Have you ever eaten a cookie and actually said aloud, "Oh my God?" Well, these two cookies were so amazing that I have to resist the urge to buy a dozen of either flavor. Coco for Lime is a coconut cookie loaded with white chocolate, fresh lime, and shredded coconut. At first bite, I thought it was really good, but after a few seconds, and after finishing the bite, I told my husband, "I think summer just exploded in my mouth." That's what it tastes like - summer. It was so full of flavor that you are almost sent to the beach through one bite!

And if you are more of a winter person, well, then there's Walnut Winter. This is probably my
favorite of the bunch although it's a tossup between this and Coco for Lime. I finished the Coco for Lime cookie already (with help from my husband), and now I'm wishing I still had some left. Walnut Winter is, I think, a cinnamon cookie full of walnuts, although I'm not sure exactly. It's possibly the best cookie I've ever eaten (unless that ends up being Coco for Lime, because I really can't choose). This is like all the best flavors of winter in one cookie. It reminded me of an apple crisp or warm pecan pie (although it doesn't have any of those flavors really), and I can't place exactly what the taste is, but it's awesome. This one cookie is an entire dessert in and of itself.

So, all in all, we got six cookies. Three were very, very good. One was incredible. And two were two of the best things to ever happen in my cookie-eating history. In the end, I'd say it was worth it! Can't wait to see what is coming next month!

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