Saturday, January 31, 2015

Danklo Mystery Box Review: January 2015

Danklo is a different kind of subscription box, because the focus is on sending you useful items each month based on a survey you complete. This is a real grab bag mystery box, though, because it could really be anything from batteries to items for your car or anything in between. Another interesting element of Danklo is that they include cash, from $1 to $1000, in each box.

There are three options when signing up for Danklo - a basic subscription includes 1-2 items and cash, with no returns; a middle ground subscription with 1-3 items and cash and one year to return your items; and a lifetime return box with 1-5 items and cash.

Theoretically, this is a great subscription because it includes useful items and cash, and if you pay a few dollars more monthly, you not only get more stuff most likely, but you can also return anything you don't want. Chances are you'll earn a few dollars back anyway and you have a chance of actually making money in the process.

I, however, am not sure about doing this monthly. I may order a box every few months just for fun, but I didn't find my items useful and they really didn't match what I think I selected for my survey answers. I did get $6 in my box and cash is always nice. Again, I could return these items as I paid a bit more for that option, but I don't think I would put in the effort. That's on me, though, and for less than $10 a month, you do get a good value. I just don't know if I need random items I won't end up using and I don't feel excited about each month, since I already have enough clutter!

The three items in my box were a car charger for my phone. This is always useful, but I do have a few spare chargers because I tend to lose them. With that said, I do lose them, so this is useful. I also got a mini Bluetooth speaker, which people love. I don't think I will use it at all, though, so I'm going to add this to the giveaway basket.

Finally, I received a cucumber melon candle. It's not Danklo's fault, as candles are usually a hit, but cucumber melon is one of the few scents I hate. I hate the candles, soaps, sprays, etc. It's just not a smell I like and for some reason, it's common. Again, though, a candle normally would be useful.

Personally, I ended up really disappointed in this box, but that's the risk you take with a box like this. I love that they include cash and they're one of the cheapest, so I can't argue against its value or potential. I will likely try this again soon or in a few months to see if I have better luck!

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