Monday, January 5, 2015

Little Miss Crafty's Goals, Interests, Projects, and Wish List

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Today I am going to share with you what I have planned for the new year, what I have been working on, and some of the things that I would love to try! 


My goals this year are pretty simple. I have an Etsy shop that sits empty at the moment. With some encouragement from Little Miss Boxy, I have decided to eventually fill it with items to sell. The goal is not actually to plan on selling anything, but to have items in the store that could be purchased. The goal of selling the items will come later; right now, I want to focus on getting an inventory to have in the store so that it isn't sitting empty. If I happen to sell a craft or two in the meantime, that would be wonderful! 


My interests vary greatly, because my attention span is that of a three-year-old honestly. Things that interest me outside of the crafting world are reading, playing Xbox, watching Game of Thrones and Downton Abbey, and spending time with my kids.

In the craft world, I enjoy making all sorts of things with my Rainbow Loom from little donuts to dragons from How To Train Your Dragon. My most recent creation was Hello Kitty, which was really exciting for me because you can change her clothes! 

I generally get my patterns for my Rainbow Loom creations from YouTube, and this particular one is from Ellen at feelinspiffy. I also enjoy both knitting and crocheting. I have been doing both for YEARS now and I have to say I am not sure that I enjoy one more than the other at this point. 

Really as far as my interests go, you can pretty much be assured that if it is crafty, I will want to at least try it. I do enjoy TV and video games, and Little Miss Boxy has me wanting a whole world of subscription boxes now. 

While I use to be someone who had to be out of the house all of the time doing something, over the last few years I have become much more of a homebody, and I enjoy being in the comfort of my own home in front of the computer or more recently my phone, since I am addicted to Trivia Crack. 


At the moment, I have a knitting project on the needles that I need to complete. I have been working on a pair of "Fetching" fingerless gloves. I spent a good deal of time prior to Christmas making these for several people. I have two more pairs to make, which includes the pair that are already on the needles. I also have promised my daughter a few more pairs of fingerless gloves for her American Girl Dolls. I made one set and now apparently they ALL need a pair. 

On my crochet hook, I have the beginnings of Sherlock Holmes using this pattern: Sherlock. I am struggling a bit with the legs - well, the feet to be exact. I just can't figure it out. Here is his body so far. I have managed to get pretty far with it but I just can't seem to get the foot right. 

I also have ton of other things I would like to make this year as my queue on Ravelry is long. If you would like to check out the projects I have completed and posted on Ravelry you can do so here: Projects. 

Wish List 

Basic things on my wish list are more yarn, more loom bands, and pretty much more supplies to make and create. Although Little Miss Boxy has me working on putting together a monthly subscription box wish list and I should have that up for you guys soon. It will be a very wide variety of items, ranging from craft boxes to kid boxes to foods. 

Here is to a wonderful New Year!  

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