Saturday, January 31, 2015

Geek Fuel Review: January 2015

It's official. I have an addiction, and I need to pick up more work just to feed it. All these geek boxes are going to be the end of me, I tell you. I can't decide between them, because they are all amazing. When Geek Fuel offered to send me a box for review, I was on that so fast! And now I have another new subscription after trying this box. Sigh.

Anyway, it's an amazing box - and if you want to use our link to sign up, Geek Fuel will send you a Nihon Town Poster as a special gift! Here's the poster:

Seriously, this box is amazing. For starters, there were stickers and a full game download code for Full Mojo Rampage on Steam. I haven't played yet, because I'm afraid to look at my Steam account right now (I had a bit of a Steam sale problem pre-Christmas and my account is basically a mirror to my shame). I will definitely play this, though, because it's a game - and I love games. :) Also included was a tin of Zelda mints and an Iron Man/Ant Man hybrid magnet. Rounding out the collection was a Star Trek coaster. It's really heavy! This isn't a cheap coaster tossed in as an afterthought, but a very nice collectible (and quite useful as well).

Then there's the shirt. Look at this shirt - it's incredible! It is a timeline of time travel that includes The Time Machine, Doctor Who, Back to the Future, Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure, Terminator, and Hot Tub Time Machine. The middle three (Doctor Who through Bill and Ted) represent literally some of my absolute favorite things on Earth. And the rest aren't too shabby, that's for sure!

Finally, I knew I was in love with Geek Fuel when I opened the paper wrapping, because there at the top was an item that made my night! A bobblehead Dalek for your monitor. Amazing.

This box rocked so much, and now I have yet another collection of geeky items to look forward to each month! I am so grateful they reached out to me! Again, get a free Nihon Town poster, too, if you sign up with our link. The Daleks will thank you!

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