Saturday, January 31, 2015

Eco Emi Chocolate Box Review

Those of you following along at home know I love Eco Emi. So when they released a chocolate box, I obviously had to sign up! I was actually pleasantly surprised that there were a few non-food items included as well as plenty of snacks!

Some of the things included were dark chocolate dipped rice cakes, melk chocolate from Sjaak's (I seriously bought the box hoping this would be in it!), mini chocolates, and a chocolate chip brownie bar from Kawaii. There was also a chocolate raspberry mini soy candle, which smells amazing, and a decent size container of Edible Cocoa "Love Dust" face powder. 

This is a great combination of items - some healthier chocolate items like the rice cakes, a treat in the melk chocolate, and then the powder and candle for bringing the theme to your body and home. The curation was excellent in the box and it was a nice treat to receive right before we were snowed in!

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