Monday, January 12, 2015

PopSugar Must Have Subscription Box Review - January 2015

PopSugar's Must Have subscription box is one of the first to get on my radar, because I love the quality of it and value. You're paying $40 a month (or less if you get a discount code or order a longer subscription) and each box is going to be worth well over that in the products you receive. There seems to be a trend that each box contains a household item, a beauty product, something fitness or health related, fashion or jewelry items, and a food product, among others. This is a more expensive box, but you're not getting samples here. Sure, you may not love every item, but these are all gift-worthy and over the course of the year, you can complete some of your holiday shopping just through your subscription!

Little Miss Crafty and I have been talking about having a giveaway sometime this winter, and we'll have quite the basket of items (if we don't keep them all for ourselves!) at this point.

I love that everything is packaged well and it's an exciting box to open, because you know each item will be of top quality. There's also a little booklet that talks about the items and their values. This was worth almost three times what I paid, so that's an amazing deal! I don't usually focus on that, because I feel like getting hundreds of dollars worth of products you don't want isn't as good as getting the same as what you paid worth of items you'll use, but it's really hard to argue against this subscription.

This month's health and fitness items were packs for puffy and tired eyes and a yoga towel. I didn't take the yoga towel out of the packaging, because I think I'll save this for a giveway (it looks so soft!), but the color is nice. I am super excited about these eye packs, though, because my job required nonstop computer usage and I have actually been dealing with pretty bad eyestrain. My eyes are always tired and this will be so nice to refresh them. I will probably save them for a day when my eyes are either really tired or for a Friday night or Saturday when we're going out, so I can feel revitalized.

I was really pleased that the beauty items included an amazing moisturizer for the whole body from First Aid Beauty, because I have some facial moisturizers, but my hands and arms are where I most need it in the winter. I used this right away and believe me, it works! The tub is giant and you only need a small amount. It also isn't greasy and leaves no residue once rubbed into the skin.

I won't use the other beauty item - the skin jewels - but that giveaway basket is growing!

PopSugar could not have selected a better food product - chocolate peanut butter granola! And the bag is gigantic. I'm so happy because this will mix well with some of the snacks we get, plus I can eat this for breakfast or as a snack and it's not nearly as unhealthy as candy or chocolate!

I loved the hat they sent, but I don't really see myself wearing it so it's staying in the packaging for a gift. I don't wear many hats, although this is adorable, isn't it?

Finally, I was beyond excited to get the travel coffee glass. The goal here is to minimize waste from travel mugs, especially lids. I have a couple travel mugs, but I love this one. I am going to use this a ton and it's nice even when drinking at home, because there's a cover and it will keep drinks warm or cold.

I love this box and I am really happy I signed up for a three month subscription. I'll definitely be renewing!

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