Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Sports Crate Review: January 2015

Sports Crate is a relatively new subscription box all about sports, which I knew was perfect for my husband. You are asked when you sign up to select your favorite NFL, NHL, MLB, and NBA teams, as well as NCAA franchises (from a select group). My husband is really the sports fan (although I like hockey), so I used his preferences when we signed up. He kind of laughed at me because I put down both the Patriots and Dolphins, as he used to like the Dolphins, but he liked them when Marino played. So I'm a little out of the loop. He's basically a stereotypical hardcore Boston fan so I guess I should update his favorites (although he didn't have a problem with anything he received).

Sports Crate ships in a pretty basic black box and it was full of sports paraphernalia and collectibles.

Inside the box was a Dolphins beer cozy, which will definitely go on a soda this summer (we aren't big drinkers). The inside flap of the box also had a Dolphins player sticker (I have no idea about football, to be honest) as well. I love that the boxes really are catered to you, because I've seen other reviews and the box was pretty different from what I received based on the team picks. That makes me happy.

Our little baseball figure was Red Sox player and we received a Celtics decal, both of which were perfect. There were two Fatheads collectible stickers - Tannehill from the Dolphins and Chara from the Bruins, and a pack of Teeny Mates. These are totally random and we got the Chargers and Lions.

For us, the best two items were a Bruins bottle opener key chain and a soft Patriots football. Overall, though, this is a great box of sports-related items and I love how personalized it is to your interests. If you only like one or two teams or sports, you could likely just get those as well. The people running the company are really committed to customer satisfaction and I think this is going to be a fun ongoing subscription for us.

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