Friday, January 23, 2015

Loot Crate Review: January 2015 ("Rewind")

My Loot Crate was late this month, making me one of the last people I know to receive it. That made me really sad, because I saw spoilers posted all over and I had to do everything I could not to have it ruined for me. Luckily, the crate was awesome and worth the wait!

This month's theme was "Rewind," a flashback to the things most of us geeks love about the 80's (this seems be the theme right now with geek boxes, as it's coming up a lot). I love geek stuff and I love the 80's, so that's a definite plus for me!

Inside, the box was decorated like an '80s game system and the collectible pin and magazine had "Rewind" written on a mix tape. I kind of love the buttons. Both Loot Crate and My Geeky Goodies have these and it's another collectible that makes me happy.

One of the items was a pair of pixelated sunglasses. We won't use these and they're not really useful, but this was more of a bonus item since there was definitely enough value in the box. Loot Crate also included an exclusive action figure kind of guy, made from a retro game cartridge. I admit I don't really get this, but it's certainly unique and fun. These items were little extras that just worked well with the them and showed the effort put into curation.

My husband loved the mini comic book notebook. He always likes having a small notebook around and this is perfect for him. I like that it encourages doodling, too, because we all know how important that is during boring meetings! As far as the tie, it was slightly on the thin side, but he already has plans to wear it. He actually chucked aloud when he pulled it out of the box, since he loves Space Invaders.

The best two items in this box, however, more than made up the value of the crate. One was an exclusive cover of Star Wars #1, Marvel's new series. We knew this was coming and I'd already signed my husband up for an annual subscription. However, if he ends up with two versions, he'll be perfectly okay with that. If he doesn't, even better! I am going to steal this from him, because I admit I'm super excited for Episode VII.

This month's crate included a shirt - and it's awesome! Not only is it Voltron, but it's also a really high quality t-shirt and the colors are great. I definitely wouldn't be shy wearing this in public. :)

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