Monday, January 19, 2015

Bulu Box Review: January 2015

Bulu Box is a subscription box all about wellness. They were recently running a special where you could get three months for the price of one, so I figured when better to give it a shot? It is fairly similar to several of the healthy snacking boxes I've been subscribing to, but it's not just about food so the balance is nice.

This month's box included several items, including food and drink, vitamins, and a few emotional health items. The vitamins were Simple Being Daily Personal Vitamin Gummies. We didn't try these, as they include gelatin. I already take daily vitamins that are vegan and my husband is convinced his body rejects health, so I wouldn't have been able to get him to eat them even if they hadn't been free of gelatin.

We also received two tea bags of wellness tea that is designed to help mental clarity and energy. I'm not a tea drinker, but we've been getting a lot of tea samples lately and I'm not opposed to tea. I just prefer coffee, but sometimes tea is a nice healthy and natural way to deal with anxiety and stress. These will be at the ready for those times. We also received Dream Water, and I have a hard time sleeping so this will definitely be tried!

My subscription addiction has filled our pantry, so we haven't yet tried the FlyJoy snack bar and lentil crackers, but we definitely will. I always love snack bars and my husband prefers them for work, because they're easy to cram in his bag and eat between classes. And you can never have too many crackers.

The last two items were "bonus items." One was a sample of Zestra, a sexual health topical cream. The other was a sheet of magnetic poetry that Bulu calls "magnetic motivation." This is a cute way to remind yourself to eat better, follow those resolutions, and simply be happier.

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