Sunday, January 11, 2015

Little Miss Crafty gets her first box - and it's Motorhead Coffee!

What is Motorhead Coffee?  It is, as their site says, an artisan coffee subscription service delivered monthly. If you ask me, it's simply an amazingly flavorful coffee that not only tastes great but awakens your senses as you brew it - and your taste buds as you drink it. Since Boxy and I live in different states and are unable to share products from boxes, I want to thank her for having me receive this box for review from Motorhead! She has a Keurig, and her husband isn't a coffee drinker so we agreed I would be able to review quicker in this case (and I did so ignore any hyperactivity on my part!)

Box full of coffee makes a happy Crafty.

The box I received had four different types of coffee. How neat is it that Motorhead labels them 10W-30, 10W-40, 10W-50, and Synthetic? That put a smile on my face. After getting the box, I opened one of the bags of coffee and took a big sniff. Yum! I love the smell of coffee. Then I realized that, in the bags, were beans. This sent me out to get a grinder because, in my many years of coffee drinking, I have never owned one (Little Miss Boxy went on to tell me that whole bean is the best quality, even though she's a single serving drinker at home). I also happened to pick up a new Keurig filter since my primary coffee maker is a Keurig.

After spending last night taste testing all four types of coffee that came in, I decided that this coffee was simply just too good to use the Keurig for and brought my full-sized coffee maker up from the basement so that I could enjoy Motorhead Coffee in larger quantities. 

The first one I tried was the 10W-50. Yes, I know I started with the strongest. I generally like a mild breakfast blend, but this one intrigued me A LOT! I even sent Boxy a text telling her I was excited to try this one because I wanted it to prove myself wrong about it. Yup, that look that the bag is referring to is exactly the look I had on my face when I read "cross grapefruit and licorice." 10W-50 had a lot of proving itself to do. Not only is it a seemingly strange combination, but it is also a medium/dark roast. BRAVO, Motorhead Coffee - I was proved wrong. This is the first one I made a full pot of. The flavors of licorice and grapefruit aren't terribly noticeable, but what is noticeable is the flavor is interesting enough to set it apart from other coffee. This bag is right; it is upfront and in your face!

Next I decided to try the Synthetic. A subtle hint of cranberries & orange? YUM! This is a medium roast so it is a bit closer to what I usually drink. I did have a cup of it black, although I usually add cream and sugar to my coffee. It was good all by itself with nothing added, but then I added in a splash of Pumpkin Spice creamer and WOW! I almost hated to add anything to any of these coffees but since I usually drink my coffee one way, I wanted to be able to review based on how I would normally drink it. 

After I finished that, I couldn't decide between blueberry or caramel, since they are both favorites of mine in just about any form. So what did I do? I opened the bags and gave them a big old sniff, deciding on the blueberry. This is 10W-30 and it's a light roast. This coffee smells amazing in the bag and while it is brewing. The flavor is more along the lines of the coffee I drink on a daily basis since it is a light roast. This one was amazing. While I was drinking it, my husband kept making "hmmmmmm" sounds. 

The only one left to try was 10W-40. This is a medium roast with caramel, candy pecan, and a touch of citrus. This one is probably my absolute favorite of all of them! The flavors work together really well, making the perfect cup of coffee. Over the next several weeks, my husband and I will be enjoying the many flavors from Motorhead Coffee. We are now huge fans of this awesome roasting company and are extremely thankful that Shep offered up this box for a review. 
Take a minute to stop by Motorhead's website and learn all about Shep and his passion for roasting. There are ways to customize your subscription. You can do the 2 12oz. bag subscription, where you can list your preferences. You can also choose from a 1, 3, or 6 month subscription. You can even order mugs or the 4 bag subscription, which is pretty awesome because it doesn't auto-renew so you don't have to worry about cancelling it if you need to. You can also even choose to have your coffee ground on request. 

I recommend checking out Motorhead Coffee because this coffee is AMAZING!

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