Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Dottiebox Mini Review: January 2015

Dottiebox comes in two sizes - Dottiebox (see my review from earlier in the month) and Dottiebox Mini. Both include unique, handcrafted items each month from various vendors. You can either purchase a subscription or select a one-time purchase for an upcoming month.

The tacks and clothespins were also included in this month's regular sized box, although this package is smaller. However, I personally prefer the silver to the gold and like these a little bit more. I'm not sure if all Minis came with silver and all of the bigger boxes had gold or if it was random, though. Either way, these are cute still.

There was also a tassel key chain. I don't know if this is real
leather, so I may pass it along if it is. (I may pass it on anyway since I have a ton of key chains, but this one is pretty adorable.)

Finally, my favorite item in this box was the little calendar. It's in a mini CD case and I personally like this calendar more than the one from the bigger box, which was on an easel. I think it's partially that it's more convenient, but I also love the watercolor style of the cards.

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