Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Dollar Shave Club Review

I've been wanting to try Dollar Shave Club for my husband, because he's always complaining about his razors, and I was thrilled when they offered to send us a box for review. This past weekend, I made hubby my test subject and he tried the razor, as well as a few additional products.

Dollar Shave Club is a fairly simple subscription service for men. The monthly subscription includes razors and blades (you pick your razor from three options ranging from $1-$9, hence the name of the club). You can also add Shave Butter, a post-shave moisturizer, and cleansing wipes. We were sent an anti-irritation serum as well, but I couldn't find it on the site.

The included packet, as well as the cards describing the products, was entertaining, even though it was about shaving. I like that there's a lot of care put into this box, because my husband loves his geek subscription boxes yet getting him enthusiastic about my personal care products is impossible. Getting him enthusiastic about his own personal care is also impossible! This is a nice subscription that gives him a little treat for something he has to do and isn't always thrilled about doing.

Now, to be up front, my husband is the lowest maintenance man alive when it comes to grooming. He doesn't usually even use shaving cream - just water. So when I presented a variety of items and told him he needed to try everything, he mostly just stared at me. Of course, I won.

He received the middle tier razor, which would be $6 monthly, including shipping. It also comes with four blades - enough to change them each week before your next order. This, alone, would be high maintenance grooming for him and it's so reasonable that I knew this was the kind of subscription he needed. He's already spending more than that each month on razors, and he doesn't care which kind he uses, as long as they're in front of him and they remove hair from his face. :)

Again, my husband normally doesn't use shaving cream or anything but water. He applied the Shave Butter. Since he shaves in the shower, he doesn't usually need anything additional, but he said he liked the Shave Butter. It's better than shaving cream, because it's not foamy and he reported it as "less intrusive" and messy than shaving cream. He was happy it was mellow.

After shaving, he tried the serum. He felt it was light, which made him happy because he really doesn't like a lot of creams and lotions. He believes it worked to minimize irritation and redness as well. Finally, he concluded with the post-shave moisturizer. This was a bit too creamy for him and he wasn't much of a fan. He would not use something like this normally and it didn't change his mind.

Overall, the razor works and he's happy. I signed him up for the same blades monthly and we will see if he eventually wants to add more shave butter (since I know moisturizing is out). I think the bottle we received will last a while, but he went into this wary and reported back fairly impressed. So I say it's a win!

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