Monday, January 26, 2015

SnackNation Service Review

SnackNation is different from other subscription boxes, mainly in that it's not really designed for individuals but companies (they do have an "at home" service, though). What they do is put together a giant box of snacks for your office and staff and ship it monthly.

I don't work in an office environment anymore, but I would have loved to work for a company that had something like this. In the past, the offices where I worked either had nothing for food options, meaning you went out to get fast food or packed a lunch, or there were vending machines, but they were loaded with chips and candy. SnackNation is designed to give employees cheap and healthy options (and some companies even give the snacks out for free).

Because the boxes are designed mainly for offices or families, they do cost more than other subscription boxes (much more in the case of office delivery, but you are also feeding an office!). However, there is a great deal of variety and this would be a really nice benefit to help office staff eat better and also come together as a team. SnackNation gives you the option to try a free box to get a sense of what they do, so you can see it in person and get feedback before moving forward.

The box is very cute, by the way! It was sorted by chips/snack bags and bars/trail mix, with the smaller items in their own little front section. This helps keep the items from getting lost and it also helps with the aesthetics of the box when you open it (a box that, by the way, my husband loved, because the front says SNACK in giant letters. He's easily amused).

In the chip/snack pack section, we had Garden Veggie Straws, Pretzel Crisps, Stacy's Pita Chips, Super Human Snacks popcorn, Pirate's Booty, Late July snack crackers, and bbq kettle chips and popped whole grain chips. There's a good variety here - something "normal" like barbecue chips or pretzels, something a little different like Pirate's Booty or pita chips, and something completely different like the veggie straws. I could see this being a good offering for a workplace, because all the items are healthy, but they provide people enough of a comfort zone to stick to what they know if needed.

I haven't tried any of these yet, although I've had a few of them in the past out on my own. My husband is always looking for something quick to eat at school since he doesn't like to worry about packing a lunch, but doesn't like what the school has most of the time. This will keep him going for a bit, and I like that I know he'll be able to eat things that aren't nearly as bad for him as the chips and snack packs he normally thrives on! We've collected several items from the various snack and food boxes, but these also straddle the line between "weird healthy stuff" that he doesn't want and total junk.

I was more interested in the smaller items, because I'm not a big chip eater myself. I like candy and it's a bit of a weakness, so having something like this in a work setting would help me stay away from the Milky Way bars!

Included were two types of Luna Bars and two kinds of Clif Bars. I've tried both brands in the past and like them. You know what you're getting usually with these types of bars - they're filling and usually do the job between meals, although they're not always as good as candy! ;)

We also got two different trail mixes, which are always a favorite of mine. I feel like trail mix should count as a meal, right? Both are pretty classic trail mixes - nuts and fruits. This box will give my husband plenty of lunch snacks, thankfully!

Finally, the last item was an Amsterdam Wafel! I love these things. I don't know why, but they're just really tasty. The last one I got in a box was gone before my husband could try it, so I promised he could have this one.

Since I'm not working in an office and I don't get to choose what snacks people eat, I wouldn't be able to order this. However, if I had a say, I feel like it would be a great way to either a) give your employees a bit of a thank you each month or b) encourage more healthy lifestyle choices without making people feel shamed for not eating well if they choose not to. Some people are more than happy to eat Big Macs daily and that's their prerogative, but I love that this gives you an alternative to what is simply more convenient.

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