Sunday, January 4, 2015

Horror Block: December 2014/January 2015

I'm not sure if this is technically the December or January block, since it shipped in December, but later in the month. So we'll call it December for our purposes here, but some people may consider it a January block.

Horror Block is a themed subscription box offered through Nerd Block with more focus on horror (hence the name, right?). We have a real love of the geeky boxes, but of course, your value is based a lot on whether you have a variety of interests related to geekdom. Since we love the majority of geeky things, it's a fairly easy fit for us. 

When you open the box, you get this message. :) My husband is a huge Walking Dead fan, so it works. 

Horror Block includes a magazine each month and they've switched back to Rue Morgue. As fans of Ghostbusters, the feature story will be a great read, plus there's a lot in the magazine and it's a fairly wide variety of content.

There was a shirt and a Funko POP! in this block, both of which were awesome. My husband loves old monster movies and we both love old school Stephen King (and the movie of The Shining is a classic). The small details on this shirt are simply incredible for fans.

The items we will use least would be the Poltergeist mousepad, since we have laptops, and the maggot eye ball item. My husband is a teacher, so he will likely bring the ball to work for the kids to throw around. I'm sure that will entertain them for hours and the mousepad could be hung up on the wall or put on a shelf, since we like the movie. I will definitely use the hand sanitizer and I love the zombie touch.

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