Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Blue Apron Meal #3 Review: Acorn Squash with Bulgur Stuffing

It's here! We finally made it. We were lucky my husband had a snow day, so we could start a bit earlier. However, as opposed to the other Blue Apron meals, this didn't take long at all (around 35-40 minutes and that was with a few moments of bad timing).

The hardest part of this meal was probably cutting and scooping the squash, only because it was so solid. Other than that, it was basically chop up some vegetables, roast the squash, boil the bulgur, and once everything got close to ready, cook the veggies.

It may have gotten lost in our fridge, but there was parsley on the recipe that we couldn't find. We may have used it accidentally in one of the other recipes, since I think they called for mint (so maybe we pulled the combo pack), but we figured parsley has little flavor anyway.

We got the squash into the oven early, after we had only prepped and minced the leek, but the rest wasn't all that complicated. Boiling the water took longest this time so we started the veggies too early and had to wait a couple minutes for the bulgur, but it basically all wrapped up (squash, veggies, and bulgur) at the same time.

The meal came with Greek yogurt and mint, which was used as a sauce. This meal was easy to make and definitely filling. I liked it, although I wouldn't necessarily make a habit of eating it (mostly because it was just sort of bland). My husband really didn't like it at all. Again, he just found it boring and didn't want to eat it. I think it could be easily remedied with more spices, though, if you wanted to experiment.

We aren't ordering meal delivery again until the end of the month (through Plated), although we are trying Farmivore this upcoming weekend for juicing. As I said before, I think this is great for one or two weeks a month and who knows? Maybe we'll get so good at it we like doing it even more often.

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