Friday, January 16, 2015

Birchbox Review: January 2015

From what I can tell, everyone loves their Birchbox subscription. I haven't been thrilled with mine, but I was convinced to at least give it a few more months. This box was better for me than the last one, so maybe I ended up with leftovers last month or something. I do like the little boxes, so there's that.

I had heard talk that people were getting citrus, so when I saw the list of my items and there was no citrus, I was sad. However, there are some good items in here. To be fair, all the items are good, but several just don't make sense for me personally.

I received a body lotion from Whish that looks nice. It's in lavender, which wouldn't have been my choice of scents from the options, but I'll definitely try it. I like good, nongreasy lotions and it's not tested on animals, so that's good. I also received Dr. Jart+ 4-in-1 primer, moisturizer, sunscreen, and serum. This isn't for me, because I don't like combo products (I'd rather select my products) and I have to use SPF 90 billion if I don't cover myself entirely in the sun. I'll probably add it to our growing prize pack.

The Vasanti cleanser may or may not work, so we shall see. I'm behind in trying a lot of these facial products because I don't use many, but since all my profiles are set as simplistic and minimalist, I seem to get a ton of them.

I did like the Sumita eyeliner, which was unfortunately in gold. The eyeliner itself is nice, though, and I could see myself ordering a different shade.

When I saw another perfume sample, I was admittedly annoyed, but this perfume smells incredible! I researched the company and they sound great. A full size bottle is more than $50 so this may be a gift idea later (or when I save a bunch of points). I really like the scent, though, and I can see myself buying a bigger bottle of Harvey Prince Sincerely.

This box was more in line with my type of things, although the body lotion scent and eyeliner shade were probably the ones I'd be least likely to choose. However, it's about sampling quality and I can always order my own preferences in the future. I'll try Birchbox for a little longer, I think.

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