Friday, January 30, 2015

Pipsticks Sticker Sampler Review

Here's a little story. I recently asked my husband what his favorite toys were as a kid, and he responded with, "A stick." He wasn't even being facetious. For both of us, childhood was a time of exploration and we could entertain ourselves with a stick for hours. I was thinking about that recently, because everything is expensive and requires batteries and assembly now. I thought about one of my favorite hobbies when I was a kid, and that was collecting stickers. There were so many little shops that had sticker sections and nothing was better than being given a few dollars to go select my choices. Stickers weren't sold with cards for $5 in packs; instead, you chose squares and could mix and match. I'm sure there are retro stores that still do that now, but it wasn't retro back then. :)

So when I came across Pipsticks, the kid in me had to try it out. It's been a very long time since I collected stickers, but I was instantly transported back to those memories. I ended up buying a sticker album and deciding to try this out for a few months. (Don't judge me.) I absolutely loved the variety of this pack and it will be so much fun to receive!

The envelope everything comes in is well-sealed and protected, but it's also not generating a ton of waste. Inside are obviously tons of stickers, but you also receive some "extra" items as well. I got a blank postcard that I could design and send to someone, and it's already stamped! (I hate going to the post office, so that alone is a pretty nice bonus.) I also received a few sheets of brightly colored paper, for crafting or letters or to make my own sticker album. I like that you are getting stickers, but also creative supplies to do something else with them. 

As for the stickers, they were great! A mix of full sheets, puffy stickers, shiny ones, and "frills" for scrapbooking or design projects. I posted some of my favorites below, but there were over 100 stickers in the pack. This is such a cute and fun way to pass the time - and a nice treat for anyone who likes crafting or stickers!

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