Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Universal Yums Review: January 2015 (Brazil)

These snack boxes really surprise me. I signed up for Universal Yums, then saw that they were headed to Brazil this month, and decided I would cancel. I suppose that's not adventurous, but I just couldn't imagine I would like enough in a box like this to justify the subscription.

I will say, though, that Universal Yums wins in this case, because the box was fabulous in so many ways. From the packaging, which included tissue paper in Brazil's colors, to the info card, this was an exceptionally well put together box.

I love that the info card includes a few facts about Brazil, as well as a detailed explanation of the items in the box. It's a simple touch, but shows that the people at Universal Yums want the experience to be good for all their customers.

Inside the box was a bag of Brazilian "popcorn," which is basically a bag of giant-sized Sugar Smacks cereal. It was interesting - tasted okay although I wouldn't go out of my way to eat it often. There were two different cashew cream candies, which were definitely tasty. They were a little like Ferraro Rocher, but the flavor was milder.

Also included was Bubbaloo Gum (kind of like Chewels, if you remember that stuff - it squirts into your mouth when you bite into it), Bala Lua Cheia (a chewy fruit candy), and a Chocolate Ginger Star (a chewy gingerbread cookie dipped in chocolate).

Finally, the Brazil box included Bananada Tradicional Cremosa, a creamy banana-based snack. It is literally bananas and cream and sugar, and I have certainly never tried anything like it. I don't know if it was good or not, but it definitely was unique and interesting! (I'm still deciding how I feel about it.) The last item was my favorite - Pacoca Rolha. This is like a messy, soft peanut butter snack and it's fantastic! The ingredients are sugar, peanuts, and salt, and I was quite impressed at how many of these snacks are made of so few ingredients. That's awesome!

Next month, Universal Yums is heading somewhere, although they won't reveal where. They simply say the "ciao" will be awesome. ;)

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