Saturday, January 10, 2015

Nature Box Review (Sampler)

Clearly I like snacks, so when I saw that Nature Box runs a deal where you can try a sampler for free (you pay $2 for shipping) before deciding if you want to subscribe, I signed up. Before the sampler arrives, you can cancel and I did, because I figured I had enough snacks and I didn't see enough options to add to my pantry right away. However, after trying the sampler, I went back on and started my subscription. The snacks were not only tasty, but extremely fresh and hearty.

The sampler contains trial sizes of four snacks and a full size of another. The normal box has five full size items pulled from your pantry (or they will surprise you).

Our sampler included a full size bag of Dark Cocoa Nom Noms and then trial sizes of Cranberry Medley, Jalapeno Cashews, Garden Tomato Crunchies, and Sea Salt Sun Crunch.

Cranberry Medley is a mix of pomegranate and acai flavored cranberries and blueberries. This is a very sweet snack, but I love fruit and sweet snacks so it worked for me. My husband, as we have learned, is not much of a fruit snack kind of person so I get to have these all to myself!

Sea Salt Sun Crunch are sunflower and sesame seed baked crackers. These were added to my husband's work snack mix after we both tried them. They're tasty and crunchy, but mix well with other items, too. I like that added variety with these snacks, because sometimes you want to eat only the one snack, but sometimes you want to toss them all in a bowl and get more flavors.

I wasn't sure how I would feel about Garden Tomato Crunchies, almonds flavored with tomato, chili, and onion, because I love almonds but I don't really care for tomato flavor. My first impression was that I didn't really like them because I was focused on waiting for the tomato to kick in, but once I realized it's actually very subtle, I ended up liking the taste. I wouldn't necessarily order these in the full size because I'm not much of a tomato fan, but they were tasty. They also went in the snack mix for my husband.

I only got to try two of the Jalapeno Cashews before my husband finished off the bag. If you don't like spicy at all, they may be too much, but they're not too spicy to be nothing but jalapeno. I thought they had just enough kick to be clearly jalapeno flavored, without sending me for a glass of milk. A full size bag of these was the first thing added to our pantry for our regular box.

Sadly, we saved the Dark Cocoa Nom Noms for last, because we figured dark chocolate and oats - that has to be great. Neither of us liked these. They were too dry and bland, the cocoa barely noticeable and the oats too, well, oaty. My husband said they tasted like diet cookies and although it's nice to eat healthier snacks, sacrificing taste isn't the way for us to do it. These are really popular, though, so some people obviously like them a lot.

Even with the one disappointment, the four sample bags were enough to convince us to sign up for a subscription, so I have to say Nature Box is definitely worth it! Plus, you get resealable bags, so you can truly snack over the course of the month (the sampler boxes are meant to be eaten fairly quickly or put into a mix, but these can be stored in a pantry). In addition, for every box they ship, they donate meals to hunger organizations.

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