Monday, January 26, 2015

High Shine Club Review by Little Miss Crafty

High Shine Club is a monthly subscription club of nail polish. The curators research seasonal trends and send you a full size polish, along with up to three samples, tools, or accessories. There are two tiers for you to choose from; the first is $15 a month and you receive your favorite brands of polish, while the second is $25 a month and sends you high end brands and gel polish in the latest trends.

I have mentioned before that I am not a very girly girl, but I do paint my nails every once in a while. It is usually when I want to stop trying to bite them and let them grow longer. Boxy had me do this review since she bites her nails more than I do.

I was excited when the shiny gold package arrived in the mailbox. I mean, look at it! Who wouldn't be excited by this? In fact, the kids were so excited to see it. Disappointment set in when the boys realized it was for "girls."

Inside this envelope were so many goodies! I couldn't wait to try everything out. There was a little card with information on the company, as well as contact information on the back.

One of the other items included was a little nail kit. It included all of the tools to give yourself a home manicure, cuticle scissors and all, in a sturdy plastic case that closed perfectly and could be easily kept in your purse or makeup bag when traveling. I used the cuticle scissors since my cuticles are out of control. I found that they work better after soaking your fingers for a bit. (Maybe that is how you are always supposed to do it?)  

The one thing in this package that will get a TON of use is the nail file. It is a thick glass file and I love it! My nails chip and break a lot because of the field I work in, where I am constantly washing my hands. I carry a nail file in my bag and this one will be great. 

When I did my nails, my oldest child, and only girl, asked me to do hers as well, so we had a little mommy-daughter night on Friday while we painted our nails. 

The full size polish in this month's package came in a deep blue color from Nars. I immediately opened it and painted my nail to send a picture to Boxy. When it comes to this stuff, we have similar tastes. We both agreed we liked the color. 

Now I am not very good at painting nails and my hands are not the prettiest, but I really loved this polish. It dried fairly quickly and, with the top coat that was included, it didn't chip at all. 
This was a fun package to get and it allowed me to spend some time with at least one of the kids. My middle son wasn't so bummed after all when he saw it was his favorite color, and it meant that Mom and his sister had painted their nails his favorite color for his birthday party. 

When it was time to take off the polish, I used the nail polish remover pad that was included. This is something that I need to look into.  Not only did one pad remove the polish, it was also not a messy liquid. And my favorite part was that it didn't smell like nail polish remover! It was instead a very pleasant orange smell, and it's 100% biodegradable. That is a total score for me! 

For $15 a month, this club is beyond worth it, especially if you like to paint your nails. The bottle of polish alone from Nars runs about $20, the top coat is about $8.00, and the glass file runs about $5.00, so really this is an awesome deal! In fact, this is something I wouldn't mind signing my daughter and myself up for together, just to be able to have something monthly to look forward to for the two of us. She is certainly more girly than I am but I don't mind if it means bonding with her. 

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