Sunday, February 22, 2015

Crafty Reviews Premium Chalkboard Labels by KANVAS

Boxy actually received these labels for review but because she is an amazing friend, she knew that I would just love them! And she was right!

I always say I am going to get organized and then I get started and just give up. However,when these came in the mail, I was really excited to start labeling things.

I have a lot of storage containers and such with craft items, snacks for the kids, and even the kids' toys and I would love to label them. A few years ago, my husband bought me a labeler but we ran out of label tape and it was pretty expensive to get more so I just stopped labeling things at that point.

As soon as these came, I started with the pantry and placed cute oval labels on the flour and sugar. I still need to label the brown sugar, the canister of coffee, and the spice container.
Please excuse my terrible handwriting on these items; it is not the labels' fault.

I love that I had four different designs to choose from for various different items and these oval ones look perfect on my canisters.

After that, I decided to head to the pantry closet, where I would like to think I am fairly organized. After all, I have all the bins, baskets, and containers one could ask for but sadly, there was only one that actually had the right item in it that I could label without having to go through the whole pantry. (Don't worry - that will likely be a job for this weekend now!)

So I went ahead and labeled the one bin that was able to be labeled; it was, of course, the candy bin. I was excited because, once organized, there will also be a snacks bin, and when the kids ask, "Can I have a snack?" I can say with confidence, "Yes, from the snack bin." They seem to think that candy is a snack, but they eat one piece and are hungry again five minutes later.

As you can see on this picture, I messed up the "d" a little bit and wiped it off with my finger. It is a little smudged now but I think with a piece of paper towel, it would come off and without the chalk dust normally left behind.

Finally, I took my awesome new labels into the playroom to test them out on the bins holding the kids' toys. The problem with the label maker was really - besides running out of tape - that the kids grow and change toys so often, which meant I was relabeling things and wasting more of the tape just to change what was in a certain bin. These chalkboard labels make it super easy to erase and change what is written on the label.

The play food bin is one that changes almost every other month. Some times they love to play with the kitchen and food, and other times they want their cars accessible. Now when I switch out the play food for cars, I can simply erase the words.

As for the blocks, those hadn't been labeled previously because they were a Christmas present and are new in the playroom. There is no doubt now that the blocks go back in that bin when the kids are finished playing with them!

I really love these labels and I can't wait to finishing organizing and using more of the shapes and labels. I also think that, come summer, I will find myself repurposing items and I will certainly be labeling them, although by then I might need to order more.

The only thing I think that could improve this item would be if there was a piece of chalk included. I knew we had chalk and I was searching the house to locate it so I could use these labels right away. It would just be a nice added touch to the product to have it included. Overall, though, this product was a hit for me and I will be running around labeling things all weekend now!

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