Friday, February 6, 2015

Purr Packs Review: February 2015

Purr Packs is a subscription box for your cats. They offer several subscription levels, from basic plans for one cat through deluxe plans for multiple cats. My kitties were very happy to be selected to review a box!

The box arrived and was addressed to my cats. Our male cat came right over to open it, although we told him he needed to wait to share with his sister. Here he is, not so patiently waiting for her to wake up and come join us for the unboxing.

The only bad thing I have to say about this box (and there's plenty of good, believe me) is that my male cat has a problem. He eats everything. In fact, the less it is actually food and more something he should not be eating, the more interested he is. So many subscription boxes have this crinkly paper packing material and I have to fight him off whenever he sees it. So the picture you don't see is him jumping in the box and pulling out a pawful of it for a snack. I was busy taking it away from him!

Eventually his sister made it downstairs and we shared the grooming brush first, which they both sniffed with interest. However, it was the jingly collar and the toys that got their attention. When we broke out the treats, though, they were both quite excited about giving us their feedback! (Feedback is they ate them!)

There were a couple of items for us in the box as well, including a book and a litter box kit to help minimize waste and maintain cleanliness.

Here they are with everything in the top layer of the box strewn about for them (the treats were temporarily forgotten while we presented the other items, but they were gone shortly thereafter):

Underneath the first layer was a scratching box with catnip. He tried to sleep in the box and she ate the catnip from it, but neither seemed interested in actually scratching. Those of you who live with cats know that cats don't often do what's expected of them! She ended up on a catnip-fueled hunt for one of the toy mice from the box. Meanwhile, well, this is the unsurprising result when we cleared out the box:

Purr Packs is a lot of fun, because I like being able to spoil my cats each month! Sure, their favorite part of all these subscriptions is the endless supply of boxes, but our pets deserve their own subscriptions, too!

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