Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Bulu Box Review: February 2015

Okay, so Birchbox and Bulu Box came on the same day - and both were awful. So it would have been a subscription box fail for the day, except the three others I got were AMAZING. But before we enjoy those, let's enjoy this epic disaster.

Someone posted her Bulu Box pictures on Facebook and her box was loaded. Mine was... not so much. I bought a deal for Bulu Box a while back to get three months for the price of one, but I am glad this was a one-time deal and won't renew. Last month was okay, but this... 

Let's just say the best item in the box was this card about heart health.

There were five items and three were samples. The samples actually aren't bad, but there isn't much value. The bar is a sweet and spicy mix and my husband seemed happy about that. One of the samples is a vitamin pack for your coffee, which I am excited to try. The sample of truBrain's drink is also exciting, as are these fruits that become water or whatever they do. Again, though, this is the whole box - except a whey protein gel. That's it. A box of this. Anyway, I am glad that I am not renewing but I have another month. I'll probably get a stick of gum at the rate they're going. 

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