Monday, February 9, 2015

Pipsticks Review: February 2015

I started my Pipsticks subscription right after getting my sampler, so these arrived pretty close together. Fortunately, I had time to pick up a sticker book in the meantime (although Pipsticks is looking to offer them this year!). 

I really like the packaging of these, because the outer envelope is good for keeping the winter away from my order, and the inner envelope still gives you the fun of opening something. Plus the designs are great!

This order also included paper and a stamped postcard, which I forgot to get in the photos! My stickers were very animal-focused this month, but that's something I like a lot. I love adorable animals and there was a variety. I really love the owls, because that's not something you see a lot!

There were also robots and race cars, for something a bit less "girly," and several decorative shapes and hearts. For the glitter stickers, there were bugs, dinosaurs, butterflies, rainbows, and spaceships.

I was most excited, however, about the middle stickers below. They're grape scratch and sniff! Remember these? Grape was always my favorite scent, too, so I'm really happy about these. I actually texted Crafty to tell her about them (I suppose it's a little hypocritical to be frustrated with the amount of toys and stickers in geek boxes when I'm this excited about grape stickers, but everything in its place. This is a sticker subscription.)

I'm happy about these and can't wait to start setting up my book! :)

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  1. That is awesome that they will be offering sticker books too! Also that envelope looks like something I would color lol. Yes I am an adult but I love to color especially abstract things and geometric shapes.