Monday, February 23, 2015

Julep Maven Lipstick Box Review

People really like Julep, but I don't use nail polish so I haven't been signing up. However, I decided that the Lipstick Box might be a good time to try it. I like the concept of Julep, especially since you can skip your box each month if you don't like the theme, although it's hard to justify the cost when they always include nail polish. (Seriously, my nails are embarrassing!)

If I wore nail polish, I would be all over this wine color, although the gold isn't really for me. I'm still going to hang onto them, because a few times a year, I get dressed up and pretend I am into nail stuff. This is a great color!

The lipsticks are very nice - both classic and minimalist. I will use both and they are long lasting, which is nice.

Again, if you are a makeup and nail polish person, I think Julep has so much to offer, especially given that you get sneak peeks and can decide to pick items or not. I'm going to see how that works this week and we'll see if I decide to continue.

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