Sunday, February 22, 2015

Crafty Reviews Little Passports World Edition

I have had my eye on Little Passports for a while now. When Boxy first introduced me to subscription boxes, this was one of the first I stumbled upon and I immediately told her how much my kids would love this. Unfortunately at that time, I'd just spent a TON of money on the three of them for Christmas and could not justify the expense. (Even though honestly it isn't all that expensive for this subscription.)

After a bit, Little Passports contacted us about a review opportunity, and I immediately jumped on it. I was so excited. One of the reasons was because I knew yet again my kids would be "tricked" into learning. Also I can't lie; I was really kind of excited about the suitcase that is sent with the first month's box.

When our box arrived, the kids all gathered around the table, which is common anytime a box shows up, and we opened it together. Inside we found a letter from Sam and Sofia, a passport, a postcard, stickers, the suitcase, an activity sheet, and a boarding pass to play more games online.

This is where having two older kids becomes tricky. They were both willing to share the suitcase, since they had decided that they would use it to store their souvenirs from their new world-traveling friends. Yet they weren't willing to even think of a compromise for the use of the passport. They both wanted to include their pictures and information right away. It was a back and forth battle until I had to take it away. Like any frazzled mother, I emailed Little Passports to see if there was a way to get a second passport so that minimal peace and harmony could be restored back to my home. Customer Service at Little Passports is AMAZING! Right away they were willing to send out a second passport and complete understood the struggle I was having with the two kids. They also let me know that any of their customers can contact them to get additional passports should they need to.

After we sorted out the passport situation, we jumped right into reading about Sam and Sofia and where they were headed next on their trip. Both of the older kids - 8 and 9 - begged me to sign up for this box on a monthly basis because they want to mark off their passports and travel without actually traveling. There has also been daily begging from the eight-year-old, who loves coins, to order the World Coin Collection. This begging is still occurring, despite the fact that I have told him there is a set on the way!

We finished reading our letter and each took guesses as to where Sam and Sofia were headed. Then we worked on one of the activities on the activity sheet. They had to decode a message telling them how to say "Hello" in various languages. Following that, they spent the day using different languages to say "hello" to my husband, their friends, and me. I completely enjoyed watching them learn and discover new things, all while thinking they weren't really "learning."

The kids and I will be looking forward to traveling around with Sam and Sofia on their trips for a few months. We will be signing up for this box in the coming weeks. Plus stick around for a #giveaway coming up soon from Little Passports and Outside The Box!

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