Monday, February 16, 2015

Indie Craft Sampler Review: February 2015

I really love the samplers you can get from independent artisans, because they give you a great deal of exposure to small businesses while also not filling your house with things you can't use. Indie Craft Sampler is a packet of 12+ items each month that range from food, household goods, and beauty products.

I don't know if I got photos of everything here, but I tried! Included were three pencils and a heart-shaped pencil sharpener. This is a cute item to promote a business, too, because it's never useless. Even if you don't get excited about it, it certainly won't end up in the trash!

We also got an adorable pet tag that I am sending to Crafty, since she has a dog. My cats don't go outside, so they don't wear collars (good thing, too, since the male cat would probably try to eat it). Also in the pack was a catnip treat, which the cats loved. I don't remember if I filled out a survey or anything saying I had pets, but I'm happy the cats were sent a present. They're getting really spoiled and now sit in front of me while I open boxes waiting for a treat!

There was a bottle of hand sanitizer that I haven't tried yet, but I love that it was sealed in a Ziploc. In fact, I want to note how well packaged this sampler was. Everything was clearly put together with love and care, so there were no broken or spilled items. When you're mixing a variety of products like these, that's really top notch. Some boxes just toss the items in to one wrapped pile, and then you end up with soapy granola - and no one like soapy granola!!

I like food, so I thought Nana's Pecan Pie was a nut mix at first, and was a little sad when it was a candle. However, the candle smells amazing and I am going to put it aside for fall. It's the perfect first chill kind of scent! (On the plus side, there was a bag a granola in the pack, too, and it was soap free!)

I was impressed that the sampler included earrings, because usually these kinds of samplers don't have something as good as jewelry. In addition, these are totally my style - simple yet unique. I like dangly earrings and these are silver, which is my preferred tone. I also like that they look like feathers and have a texture to them.

There was a pack, including a magnet, from Comfortably Lovely. They make crafts from recycled products and I'm sending this to Crafty, because I think she'll really like what they do and it will inspire her with new ideas. :)

For makeup, there were three eye shadows. The colors are nice - called Rose on a Beach, Manic-Depressive Teddy Bear, and Khaleesi. I mean, can anyone complain about eye shadow inspired by Daenerys Targaryen? I think not!!

The last items were a wall decal that said, "Keep it Simple," and two cards. One was a Dysfunctional Valentine that simply read, "I Tolerate You." I love this, because it's witty and snarky and would definitely be the kind of card I would send, especially to my husband! ;) The other card was so amazing that I put it aside in my memory box, because I love it so much. It's adorable and hilarious and perfectly suited for me and my husband!
As you can see, the card includes two bears - a panda and a brown bear, wishing on dandelions. The panda is dreaming of the brown bear, because he/she loves the brown bear. Meanwhile, the brown bear is dreaming of ice cream!!! I told my husband that this is us - he's the panda, sweet and considerate of me, but really, I'm in it for the ice cream. ;)

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