Sunday, February 8, 2015

KitNipBox Review: February 2015

KitNipBox is the subscription I originally signed up for on behalf of my cats, as it seemed to have a decent option for more than one cat and I also liked that they donate a portion to an animal charity. This month's charity was Philadoptables, a volunteer organization that helps animals in the city shelters.

The box comes with the card about the charity and each of the items on top, and all the cat treats wrapped below it!

The kitties really like days when they get to sample items and give their review. ;) Here they are investigating the box before each item was revealed:

KitNipBox tends to be heavily focused on toys, which is actually great since the cats love each toy for a few seconds before growing bored (and then in three months, suddenly something in this box will be their nemesis for a bit). The first few items were catnip-filled. One was a Liberty Bell toy and the other is a heart that can be refilled with catnip as needed. 

Our male cat is generally very lazy and he's not the catnip fiend that our female cat is, but he went nuts over the Liberty Bell. Even his sister was distracted from the catnip heart by his antics! (Ignore the mess of cat toys - they're in sample mode right now!)

Also included was a crinkly toy and several squeaky toys, one of which also lights up and blinks. I love the variety because all cats are different - and their interests can change from day to day, so having too many of one kind of to can lead to them piling up, ignored. There was also a giant snuggle toy that hasn't been noticed yet, but I am sure will make its way into our bed one night soon!

Finally, there was a bag of turkey treats, which will be a hit since the cats love to eat!

Our female cat was happy when the box came for her, but wants to know when the next one is coming! (Spoiled, aren't they?) Meanwhile, he was fighting everything - which is nice, because he doesn't move much!!

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  1. They are too cute! I love your kitties! They look like they are having fun with the toys from the box. I love that they donate, that is a huge seller for me on boxes.