Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Birchbox Review: February 2015

I canceled my Birchbox subscription, because they won't guarantee cruelty-free products and I can't really justify the expense if I won't use the products. I also feel like Birchbox is the industry leader in beauty subscription boxes, so they have the ability to demand better from the companies they partner with. My experience has been hit or miss, but theoretically I would have continued. I will sign up again if they ever provide a guarantee that they won't torture animals for hairspray. :/

Honestly, this was a terrible box. I had pre-ordered one of their deals but then when I canceled, I guess I lost that but still received my regular box. Sadly I feel like they sent me the crap they had left as many people have already received their boxes. While I like the eyeliner and lip gloss samples and they are both cruelty-free, the other items are seriously horrible for me.

I have begged and pleaded for them to stop sending me wrinkle creams. And yet... Why even bother having a profile if the things you specifically ask not to receive are in EVERY SINGLE BOX? And this hair stuff is from Proctor and Gamble. Really? I thought you were introducing us to new and exciting brands. The people who make Mr. Clean don't really scream new and exciting. Also they test on animals, even here in the US, so no.

Finally was a pheromone activation bubble bath. Let me get this straight. I'm old enough to have wrinkles, but still take baths to get in the mood? Whatever. Seriously Birchbox could not have less of a clue who I am. I know a lot of people love this subscription box, but it's obviously not meant for me. They have great customer service and a lot to offer, but I'm clearly not the market. I don't think poorly of them as a business, although I'm spending my money elsewhere.

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