Thursday, February 5, 2015

Plated Review: Creamy Orzo

Our second Plated meal with our most recent order was Creamy Orzo with roasted spinach and mushrooms. This was probably my least favorite of all the Plated meals we've tried, but it wasn't a bad meal by any means. It just felt like a really good side that was missing something. There was also way more than two of us could eat, but orzo isn't great for reheating later.

This was an extremely easy meal to make. The prep was minimal, with the only slightly difficult piece being peeling and mincing a shallot. However, mincing one item is certainly not a challenge. The mushrooms were roasted in thyme and olive oil and they roasted while the orzo cooked. We had to slice the mushrooms and then pick the thyme, but it only took a few minutes.

The orzo was cooked with the shallots and butter. Once it was almost done, we added the spinach and then pecorino cheese. This is easily something you could make on a work night, because the orzo didn't even need to be stirred nonstop.

It came out tasty and creamy. We didn't use many mushrooms as my husband doesn't really like mushrooms, but I think that was part of the problem with the meal. It was somewhat bland. It wouldn't have been bad as a side, like I mentioned, but even after eating half the bowl, I didn't feel satisfied. I wasn't necessarily hungry but disappointed.

By no means does this change how much I like Plated. If I ordered something like this again, I would try to have more on hand to add to the mix and then store half for another night.

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