Wednesday, February 11, 2015

The Cravory Taster Box Review: February 2015

The Cravory is a cookie shop located in San Diego. They also offer a tasting box subscription, which allows you to try their six flavors of the month. This is my second month trying The Cravory, and I liked the cookies a lot both months. However, I have canceled my subscription for two reasons.

One reason has nothing to do with The Cravory. The cookies are shipped fresh out of the oven via Priority Mail. With the current weather, though, my delivery was delayed and fresh cookies lose their awesomeness when they sit in a post office somewhere for an extra few days. So I realized I needed to put the subscription on hold anyway before they arrived.

The reason I am canceling, though, is that I specifically contacted them before signing up because I'm a vegetarian. They have a few recipes with bacon included and I'm not willing to pay as much as I do for bacon cookies. They promised it wouldn't be an issue and I even spoke highly of their customer service in my last review. So when they sent out their recipes for the month and one included bacon, I wasn't worried. They had promised not to send me bacon and I figured they would either send two of something or another flavor from their signature line. Sadly, they did not. They sent me a cookie with bacon. That's just unacceptable.

As far as the cookies, they're very good. I'm not 100% convinced they're worth the cost, but I like the mix of flavors. I also feel like it's a nice treat each month, but I can't justify the fact that they sent me the one thing I made a point of asking about before even signing up to subscribe.

The first flavor this month, which has a Valentine's Day theme, was "Love Birds." This is a red velvet and chocolate mix cookie with truffle pieces mixed in. I thought it would be richer, and I admit that the chocolate cookies are my least favorite. Maybe it's the delay or something, but they're not much different than chocolate cookies I can get at bakeries around here. Don't get me wrong - I ate it! And I enjoyed it. I just don't think it's mind-blowing.

"Nerd Crush" was one of my favorites. This is a graham cracker cookie coated in vanilla and Nerds candies. I really liked the tangy sweetness mixed with this cookie and it was unique enough of a flavor combination that I felt it was something I normally wouldn't get. I have found that I prefer the cookies from The Cravory that aren't "normal" flavors, because they stand out more. 
"For Him" was the bacon cookie. This was an oatmeal stout cookie with marshmallows and chocolate covered bacon. My husband gave it to a coworker, who seemed very happy to try it. 
The "Gold Dust" cookie was a chocolate cookie coated in gold coloring. Like the "Love Birds," the flavor was good. However, this wasn't a favorite and I wouldn't order more than one in the future. 

I loved "Nuts about You," which was an almond cookie loaded with various nuts (pecans, cashews, and pralines). It was very soft and chewy, something you rarely get with a nutty cookie. I think The Cravory does these extremely well, since one of their best ones last month was also a nutty flavor. 
The final flavor was "Chocolate Covered Strawberries," a strawberry cookie dipped in chocolate. It says it's drizzled with white chocolate and all the other photos show it that way, but mine was not. I don't know if they didn't bother drizzling the mailed cookies or if it doesn't travel well or if it ended up mixing in with darker chocolate, but there's no sign of white chocolate anywhere on this cookie. Nonetheless, it was tasty.  
My final verdict on The Cravory is that I would likely visit them were in the San Diego area, but I'm not sure I'm going to resubscribe come spring when the mail is more reliable. I'm very disappointed about the bacon situation. Maybe I will pick a flavor I really like and order a box or something instead when I really want some cookies. 

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